I like to write– usually about psychology.

Currently, I am working as a Junior Professional Consultant on Criminal Justice for the United Nations in Indonesia. My work is focused on improving Indonesia’s national deradicalisation program for terrorist prisoners.

My professional experience has included:

  • Graduating from Queen’s University with a honours degree in Political Science and Psychology
  • Conducting research in clinical psychology, and political policy for numerous Canadian politicians.
  • Working as a social worker, where I was responsible for housing and maintaining the health of 12 homeless and formally homeless clients.
  • Co-founding an award-winning homeless advocacy organization called Sandwich for a Story 
  • Producing documentary videos for an NGO in Uganda
  • Planning a 10-week Mental Health workshop for 45 participants, as an Activities Manager for Explore Canada
  • Delivering over 30 presentations on mental illness and homelessness to high school, and University students
  • Co-authoring two academic journal articles